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The reason we use a CVT and not a voltage stabilizer for computer and other applications is that in the voltage stabilizer relays are present and when these relays operate (switch), the output voltage may be interrupted for a short time. Such a transient may not be desirable for these appliances and may cause the damage to the computer and other electric Appliances. Also, the CVT provides a clean spike-free output voltage. The voltage regulation possible in a CVT also is good.

Protect Your Equipment: Guaranteed Clean, Stable Power for
Sensitive Electronics

- Bilgon

Special Features

Bilgon, manufactures the CVT with ferro ressonant technology, placing its winding separately. We have a highly qualified team of professionals for ensuring that the transformer is manufactured at par with the standard norms and according to the specific requirements of the customers. The transformer have been widely demanded in Bio-med equipments, Fax, Telecom Equipment, Color photography lab, High Sensitive machines and many other industries.

  • Ferro Ressonant Technology
  • Magnetic transformer with special construction
  • Provided with a capacitor connected across the secondary winding of the transformer
  • A separate shunt path is provided between the two windings for setting up the field between coils
  • Ensure a spike-free and controlled voltage output
  • Instant voltage regulation
  • Fast correction speed
  • There is no Semi Conductor or moving part
  • Noise proof operation
  • Less maintenance required

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